How to Appreciate Fashion?

Answer A lot of people appreciate the art of fashion. They have a sense of style that you would like to have as well. They might frequently be asked, "where did you get that shirt?", when you wish that wo... Read More »

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How to Appreciate the Horrorcore Genre of Music and Fashion?

This page is about the hardcore punk influenced genre of music called horrorcore and not the genre of hip-hop who coincedentally has the same name. With that being said, this is for the hardcore ki... Read More »

In one word describe your fashion style/fashion-sense!?

Differences Between Fashion Designing & Fashion Merchandising?

Fashion designing and fashion merchandising are two related but different fields. Both require a deep knowledge of fashion trends. However, fashion designing focuses primarily on creating clothes t... Read More »

What happens to clothes that are used at fashion shows by models Do they bin it after the fashion shows?

The samples used in fashion shows are also used before the show for "look books" photography, magazine editorials and advertising. After the show they travel to trade shows where retail buyers can... Read More »