How to Appreciate Doctor Who?

Answer Doctor Who is a sci-fi phenomenon that has aired for decades, enthusing many generations including baby boomers, Gen X and Gen Y; indeed, not many TV programs can lay claim such a broad cross-secti... Read More »

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Who owns x-rays taken by a doctor and paid for by medical insurance the doctor or the patient?

Answer Who owns the medical record? Your record is the physical property of the hospital. However, the patient him/herself controls the release of the information contained in the record. shands.or... Read More »

Who do you think Professor River Song is in Doctor Who and how does she know The Doctor?

Instead of a female Jack Harkness, it could also be a child of Jack's. In the first season, on Satellite 5 there is a news bulletin about The Face of Boe have given birth, and later The Face is de... Read More »

Would you call this person a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) or a Medical Doctor (MD)?

Hi.Im not sure i quite follow your question but there are a lot more studies showing evidence regarding some herbs then what you might read from a couple of big media reports that say theres no evi... Read More »

I want to go study to be a doctor but i dont know what kind of doctor?

Worry about that in your last year of med school. You will be exposed to many specialities in med school.