How to Appreciate Capitalism?

Answer This article explains how to understand the government systems and particularly capitalism.

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Who is the father of capitalism?

Adam Smith is considered the "father of capitalism." He wrote on the subject in his well-known book, "Wealth of Nations." Smith believed businesses can prosper the most with no government interfere... Read More »

How to Play Capitalism?

Capitalism is a fun game for a group of three or more.It is based off the game Dai Hin Min. Many different variations on the rules exist.

How to Explain Capitalism to Children?

Capitalism is the economic backbone in many modern countries, including the United States, and its influences reach nearly every aspect of citizens' lives. The basic concepts of capitalism are easy... Read More »

Similarities Between Capitalism and Mercantilism?

Mercantilism and capitalism share similarities as they are both economic and political philosophies of wealth creation. But in terms of political outlook, these economic theories diverge widely. Ca... Read More »