How to Appreciate Actors or Singers That Your Friends Love and You Hate?

Answer You'll always have your own tastes in music, movies, etc. But maybe your best friend likes someone different, and constantly reminds you how great they are. How can you learn to like them too? Simp... Read More »

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How to Tell Your Love That You Truly Appreciate For What They Are?

Always remember that they are yours and you are theirs.

How to Get Your Friends to Appreciate Monty Python?

Spam is the subject of a popular skit by Monty Python.Do you enjoy Monty Python and want your friends to feel the same way, but they just think it's stupid? They may be right, but they might not en... Read More »

Is it weird that I hate foods that most people love?

Dont worry,lol i also hate bacon and coffee,everyone has their own choice.i mean some people love that food and some might not.hope this helps.

How to Become Friends with the Guys That Hate You?

Is there a group of guys in your school that you'd like to be friends with, even though they dislike you? You can make it happen.