How to Apply the Order of Operations?

Answer Lengthy expressions really aren't that hard if you just do things one at a time and in the right order. The reason this exists is so mathematicians have a universal order. Otherwise you could have ... Read More »

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Why is it necessary to study order of operations and laws of operations before you solve equations?

Because if you did operations in an impermissible order, or violated laws of operations, then your solution to the equation is wrong.

Math Team Games for Order of Operations?

Math is more fun when it becomes a group effort. Students enjoy the freedom to discuss their math with others in a practical sense rather than being confined to solitary contemplation about the cor... Read More »

Why must the rules for the order of operations be understood before solving the equations in this section?

The answer will not be the same if you do not follow the order of operations. PEMDAS is the way most people remember it. It tells you what to do first and you need to know this to do the problems... Read More »

Does the general aggregate limit apply to products-completed operations?

yes - there is a separate aggregate for products coverage and premises operations.