How to Apply for the 2nd Year of College?

Answer Students who voluntarily leave college after their first year have the option of returning to school, regardless of the circumstances that led to your departure or length of absence. Your school's ... Read More »

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How to Apply to a Four-Year College in California?

Applying to college can be stressful but if you plan ahead and get an early start on the process it should be easy to have everything completed in time. If you are a student in California, the proc... Read More »

Can I apply for FAFSA as a sophomore in college next year?

Yes you apply by the year. When you and your parents do their taxes for 2008 you need to do your fafsa as well. (Feb/March of 2009). This will be effective for the 2009-2010 school year.You will... Read More »

How to Apply to Law Schools One Year Before College Graduation?

While some aspiring lawyers decide to take time off between college and law school, others feel certain of their career paths and wish to continue their educations without waiting. If you plan to s... Read More »

How to Apply to Medical School in Your Senior Year of College?

Since you are applying to medical school in your senior year of college, you have made the decision to take a year off after graduating college before enrolling into medical school. Unfortunately, ... Read More »