How to Apply for a Green Card if You Marry a U.S. citizen?

Answer To maintain family unity, many countries, including the United States, will give immediate relatives priority when applying for permanent residence privileges. In the United States, this permanent ... Read More »

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Can a UK citizen married to a U.S. citizen live in the United States without a green card?

A green card is the commonly used term for the United States' permanent residency card. Foreign citizens who marry U.S. citizens require a green card to be eligible to live and work in the United S... Read More »

Can a non-U.S. citizen with a green card travel to Europe?

Yes, a non-U.S. citizen with a green card can travel to Europe. The Department of Homeland Security states that green card holders (lawful permanent residents) must bring their permanent resident c... Read More »

Requirements for a Green Card When Married to a US Citizen?

Marriage to a United States citizen is one of the surest ways to obtain a green card. Approval generally takes about a year. If you are in the U.S., submit your application to the nearest U.S. Citi... Read More »

Who will get custody of a child in a divorce if the mother is a US citizen and the father has a 'green card'?

Answer Custody is awarded based on what is in the best interest of the child, therefore the judge will award primary custody to whichever parent is best suited to care for the minor child.The issu... Read More »