How to Apply for a Copyright?

Answer Copyright (established under the 1976 Copyright Act) protects the original work of authors. This covers a variety of intellectual property including literary, artistic, musical, dramatic works and ... Read More »

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Do all items have to have the copyright logo to be considered a copyright?

Under U.S. law, copyright protection attaches automatically when a work is created. Use of the © symbol has not been required since 1989. Using the copyright symbol can be beneficial, however, bec... Read More »

Does an item need to have the copyright logo to be considered a copyright item?

According to the U.S. Copyright Office, a work no longer needs the copyright symbol to be considered a copyrighted work. The United States dropped the old rule in 1989 to fit the requirements of th... Read More »

Who needs a copyright?

Anyone who wants to protect intellectual property needs to get a copyright. Copyright protects original works such as artistic, dramatic, musical and literary works. It also protects songs and comp... Read More »

How much is a song copyright?

In 2009, a song copyright cost $35 when filed online with the U.S. Copyright Office, regardless of whether it is submitted in audio or text form. Payment can be made through credit or debit card or... Read More »