How to Apply for a Concealed Carry Permit?

Answer A large number of states offer it's citizens the ability to carry a concealed weapon. Obtaining a permit to do so varies from state-to-state and will require research.

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Do I have to keep my weapon concealed with a conceal carry permit?

A weapon must remain concealed when you have a Concealed Carry permit, or CCW. However, in some states, you may display your weapon to stop a potential attacker. Each state has its own requirements... Read More »

Does a concealed weapons permit mean that the weapon must be concealed in Alabama?

If you hold a concealed weapons permit in Alabama you must keep the weapon concealed at all times. If you need to use the weapon, a judge or jury will determine if you showed good cause for drawing... Read More »

Is it legal to carry a gun in public without a concealed carry license?

As of April 2010, four states allow carrying a concealed gun in public without a concealed carry permit or license: Vermont, Alaska, Montana and Arizona. Illinois and Wisconsin do not issue permits... Read More »

How much is a concealed weapon permit?

A concealed weapon permit, or CCW permit, can be $20 to $75, plus fingerprint card-processing fees if applicable.Source:Concealed Weapons Application InstructionsState of Idaho CCW FAQs