How to Apply for Residency & Attend College in Texas?

Answer Tuition and fees for out-of-state students at most public colleges and universities in Texas are more than triple the rate charged to state residents. At the University of Texas in 2010, for exampl... Read More »

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What are Texas's rules of residency for college tuition purposes?

You have to have lived in the state a year before entering college or a full year as an outsider in Texas before trying to submit yourself as a resident in order to show residency. Another way to p... Read More »

I want attend college but i have no money. What kind of grants and scholarships can i apply for?

There's a scholarship essay contest going on at Lafango: Luck!

How do you apply for a residency?

That really isn't something you need to worry about now. You'll get information on residencies while you are in studying pharmacy in grad school. Pharm residencies may be paid positions much like... Read More »

Residency Restriction Laws on Sexual Offenders in Texas?

Both state and local laws in Texas prohibit sexual offenders from living in areas that children frequent. These laws are designed to protect the public--particularly children--from harm that could ... Read More »