How to Apply for Ohio Student Aid?

Answer Financial aid in Ohio is given to persons enrolled in accredited colleges or universities who fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, otherwise known as the FAFSA. Some forms of Ohio... Read More »

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How to Apply for a Student Visa With Form I-538 in the State of Ohio?

Filing an F1 Student Visa application form is required for those that wish to stay in the United States to go to school. Visa applicants who reside in Ohio and wish to go to school in Ohio must fol... Read More »

Why would a student apply for a scholarshup, student loan, or bursary?

scholarship - free fundingstudent loan - payback 6 months of completing schoolbursary - not know

Where do you go to fill out a student loan app on the computer or the best student loan that you can apply for?

First, fill out the FAFSA form. Go to for complete information and access the FAFSA form. Then, go to your college's financial aid office, and ask questions, especially a... Read More »

If someone is in graduate school in Michigan but claims her residence as Ohio and pays state tax in Ohio and her car is registered in Ohio can she buy auto insurance using her Ohio address?

why do you want to know this???????? Answer: Yes, if your residence is listed as Ohio and your car is registered in Ohio, you can buy insurance using your Ohio address.