How to Apply for Guardianship in Iowa?

Answer In Iowa, a guardian is allowed by law to make decisions for another person (known as a ward). A court will only award guardianship over a person that is unable to make decisions for himself because... Read More »

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How to Apply for Legal Guardianship in Illinois?

Getting legal guardianship in Illinois involves commitment with the family court. The family court will carefully examine the application seeking guardianship. There are many steps that you need to... Read More »

How to Apply for Guardianship of a Minor Child in Washington State?

There are many reasons that an individual might apply to become a child's guardian. Parents might be incapable of caring for the child due to illnesses, serving jail time or even death. Many pare... Read More »

Is a guardianship legal if biological parents were not served with petition for guardianship?

Guardianship is legal when the judge says it is. An attempt must be made to serve the biological parents but if service is not possible for whatever reason an argument can be made to the judge to g... Read More »

You had guardianship of your granddaughter she went to live wiyh an aunt who now has guardianship but she wants to come back to live with you what do you have yo do?

Yes. There are females in all branches of the military...