How to Apply for Early Entrance at Shimer College?

Answer Overhead view of a Shimer College class.As a high school student, are you unchallenged and frustrated by the constraints of high school, and ready for the intellectual challenges of college? You mi... Read More »

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How to Apply for Early Entrance Program (EEP)?

UCLA CampusAre you an exceptionally gifted student wishing to get accepted to college early? If so, you might want to consider applying for Early Entrance Program (EEP), a special program offered b... Read More »

How early should i apply for college?

High school students should talk to colleges as early as they possibly can. According to The College Board, starting the application process in autumn of your senior year is usually the best policy... Read More »

I would like to apply to Oberlin College by early decision but what about FAFSA?

The COST is easy, the schools annual Cost of Attendance is $52,587. Here:…The cost (of ANY school) doesn't change. All that early decision and "binding" ... Read More »

Early Ways for Young Children to Apply for Help to Get College Paid For?

On average, college graduates earn significantly more money than those who just graduate from high school. Though tuition bills may appear intimidating, starting early to get the money together for... Read More »