How to Apply for Citizenship (USA)?

Answer When you become a U.S. citizen you are automatically eligible for a number of benefits. For example, you will be allowed to vote in U.S. elections and you cannot be deported from the United States.... Read More »

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How do I apply for citizenship in the USA?

Family PetitionsApply for a green card through family members whom are currently U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Request for those family members to file a petition (Form I-130) on your behal... Read More »

How to Apply for USA Citizenship?

Becoming a United States citizen is a dream for many aliens and there are several ways in which to go about becoming a citizen. To apply for citizenship, most people are required to first obtain a ... Read More »

How to Apply for Italian Citizenship?

Becoming a citizen of Italy has many benefits, whether you choose to be a full citizen or to have a dual citizenship with Italy and another country. First and foremost, you'll become a part of the ... Read More »

How to Apply for Citizenship in Brisbane?

Brisbane is the capital and third-highest populated city in Australia. To be eligible for citizenship in Brisbane, you must either be a migrant with permanent residence, born to or adopted by an Au... Read More »