How to Apply at a Charter School?

Answer In the United States, a charter school is an offshoot of the public school system that can be proposed and started by a private group. With the exception of the facilities, charter schools are fund... Read More »

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How to Write a Charter School Proposal That Wins a Charter?

Even the most compelling idea for a new charter school needs a well-crafted proposal to make it more than a dream. The right proposal will convince education officials who have charter-granting aut... Read More »

Whats a magnet school or charter school how do kids qualify?

How to Start a Charter School?

Charter schools are public schools that are run independently from the local school district, but are still required to follow and meet local and state academic standards. Charter schools offer inn... Read More »

Charter School Teaching Requirements?

Charter schools offer a viable alternative to public schools for many parents. In general, charter schools receive federal funding but do not benefit from local funding. As a result, the government... Read More »