How to Apply a V-Strip to a Sliding Window?

Answer Weather stripping is an important part of regulating the internal temperature of the home by preventing cold air from leaking into it and warm air from leaking out of it. One form of weather stripp... Read More »

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Can a sliding window be replaced with a power rear window?

There are a number of aftermarket products that can be purchased which allow you to install a power window or replace a sliding window with a power window. The installation process includes removi... Read More »

Sliding Window Styles?

Sliding windows are a good, low-maintenance option for homeowners. Sliders use counter balancers and/or rollers for ease of operation. These parts are maintenance free, whereas the hardware mechani... Read More »

How to Cover a Sliding Window Door?

A sliding window door is difficult to cover because of its size. Because most sliding glass window doors are between 4 and 8 feet wide, larger blinds or curtains are required to cover them up. The ... Read More »

How to Install a Sliding Rear Window in an S-10?

Installing a sliding rear window in your S-10 is fairly simple and straightforward, although you do have to be extremely careful to not drop or break the glass. As the rear windows on the S-10 cann... Read More »