How to Apply a Two Tone Finish to Furniture?

Answer Two Tone HutchUsing water based finishes to create a two tone finish is a simple and straightforward procedure. Finishing furniture yourself is fun and gives you a great sense of personal satisfact... Read More »

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How do I finish oak furniture?

Enhance the beauty of the oak furniture by applying a coat of acrylic latex paint or a coat of oil-based stain.Apply a coat of primer prior to painting using a 2- to 4-inch paintbrush manufactured ... Read More »

How do I finish unfinished furniture?

SandPut on a pair of cotton gloves to protect your skin from splinters. Use a finishing sander to sand the furniture. Sand the rough areas of the wood first. Sand in the direction of the grain of t... Read More »

How do i finish pine outdoor furniture?

Put on disposable plastic gloves. Sand the furniture all over with 150 grit sandpaper. Make sure to sand the furniture in the direction of the grain. Use wood glue to glue down any spots of raised ... Read More »

How to Finish Veneer Dresser Furniture?

Veneer is a great way to finish an antique dresser. Veneer will preserve an antique or a new dresser for years, and protects the wood surface. Dressers can be pieces of furniture in the bedroom, li... Read More »