How to Apply a Relaxer to a Child's Hair?

Answer When using relaxers on your child's hair, knowing the correct application techniques is crucial to prevent damage to the hair and scalp. Relaxers are a common and popular means to straighten the na... Read More »

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How to Apply Relaxer to Hair?

Most black women use relaxers, also known as straightening perms, to manage their hair. A straightening perm is an alkaline solution featuring calcium or sodium hydroxide. When applied to hair, it ... Read More »

How to Apply a Hair Relaxer?

Trying to relax curly, kinky or coily hair can be a challenge but is not impossible. If your goal is achieve a straighter look or just to relax a curl, read on to learn how to apply hair relaxer. ... Read More »

The Best Ways to Apply a Relaxer to Coarse Hair?

To straighten and manage their hair, many women of African descent use hair relaxers or perms. Unlike other methods of hair straightening, hair relaxers permanently alter the structure of hair by b... Read More »

How to Apply Vigorol Liquid Hair Relaxer?

Vigorol Liquid Hair Straightener is a lye-free hair-straightening product. The active ingredients include water, ammonium lauryl sulphate, ammonium thioglycolate and ammonium hydroxide. Perfumes an... Read More »