How to Apply a Mortar to a Mesh?

Answer Applying mortar to a mesh is similar to applying stucco to walls. The mesh allows you to spread the mortar on a vertical surface without it eventually cracking and breaking off. This is particularl... Read More »

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How to Apply a Sticker to a Mesh Shirt?

Stickers can be elaborate affairs that include hologram effects, or simple two-color labels to to signal status or simply identify the wearer. There are also branded stickers, stickers to promote a... Read More »

What is the masonry mortar mix ratio for type N mortar?

1:3ish Use for non-load application. Mix with sand to produce a mortar for bricks and blocks. Mix proportions by weight for TYPE N Mortar- 10 kg Masonry Cement - 35 kg Sand

How to Decorate With Mesh Ribbon?

Mesh ribbon is a decorative, see-through ribbon that comes in a variety of colors. Mesh ribbon is ideal for decorating projects including Christmas trees, wrapping gifts, making wreaths, weddings a... Read More »

About Mesh Network Solutions?

Mesh networks are a set of point-to-point connections between network nodes. A mesh network is distinct from other types of networks because it provides multiple possible paths between endpoints. ... Read More »