How to Apply a Front Kick?

Answer The front kick is an effective combat striking (kicking) technique in which unlike other kicks, it makes contact with the ball of the foot and ends with toes making final contact.

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How to Do a Front Kick?

A front kick is one of the three basic kicks of most martial arts—typically Tae Kwon Do and Tang Soo Do. It is a powerful kick that is generally very easy to perform and, when executed properly, ... Read More »

How to Do a Jumping Front Kick?

Jumping front kicks are powerful martial arts kicks that look cool. The difference between a front kick and a jumping front kick, is that the jumping front kick will allow the martial artist to rea... Read More »

How to Do a Front Ball Kick?

If you want to kick the ball well and be a good punter in football read this article, follow the instructions, and practice.

How to Perform a Taekwondo Front Kick?

AP-CHAGI : FRONT KICKTaekwondo is well known for its superior foot techniques. The front kick is one of the most basic kicks in the martial arts. Proficiency in this kick can translate into a bett... Read More »