How to Apply Waterproof Silicone to Masonry?

Answer Masonry refers to brickwork or blockwork. Bricks and blocks are the foundation of many homes or buildings. Buildings are built from the ground up, beginning with the block. Most houses have brick w... Read More »

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How do I waterproof masonry paint?

Waterproof Masonry PaintLook for masonry paint specifically labeled as waterproof. The paint does not require any special additives or preparation and will provide water protection to your stone or... Read More »

How to Apply Silicone Oil to a Treadmill?

Treadmills can help people achieve a weight loss goal or maintain a healthy lifestyle. After weeks and months of use, though, the area between the treadmill's belt and the deck of the unit can beco... Read More »

How to Apply Silicone to the Corners of an Aquarium?

Leaks are a serious concern for aquarium owners. Even a small pinhole-sized leak can quickly lead to a glass blowout or a complete seam failure. In order to fix or prevent leaks, you should apply a... Read More »

How to Apply Waterproof Makeup?

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