How to Apply Transfers to a Model?

Answer A model boat...Do your transfers always stick to your model in the wrong places? It can be really annoying, so here is the proper way to apply them.

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How do I apply iron-on transfers?

Prep Your Iron & Ironing BoardSwitch off the steam button on your iron. Plug in and heat the iron on the high setting (wool/cotton). Wait five minutes, until the iron preheats completely. Set up yo... Read More »

How to Apply Acrylic Model Paints?

When you search for a paint to use on your model project, consider selecting an acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is sturdy and sports just as many vibrant shades of color you will find in some of the m... Read More »

How to Apply Eye Shadow Like A Top Model?

Top models have eyes that pop because of the way they use eye shadow and mascara, whether it's dark and smoky or vibrant and colorful. You can copy the makeup style of a professional model in the p... Read More »

How do you apply to Canada's next top model?

There are two ways to apply: either by snail mailing a videotape of yourself, according to the show's rules and regulations or by attending an in-person casting call. Both methods require you to fi... Read More »