How to Apply Thermal Paste to Quad Core?

Answer Thermal paste prevents heat from building up in areas of the CPU core that do not make full seamless contact with the faceplate on the bottom of the cooling fan that helps dissipate and channel hea... Read More »

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How to Apply Thermal Paste to Core 2 Duo?

There was a time when computer processors required no heat sinks or fans, and even when these components became essential, only enthusiasts who overclocked used thermal paste. Now, with processors ... Read More »

How to Apply Thermal Paste?

Anytime you use heatsink on a CPU (central processing unit) or a video card, you always have to apply thermal paste. Even though applying thermal paste is a very easy process, it is extremely impor... Read More »

Core 2 Quad Q9xxx With Quad Core Technology?

When semiconductor company Intel Corp. introduced the Core 2 as its latest premier brand of consumer-oriented processors on July 27, 2006, it split the family into three divisions: the Core 2 Solo,... Read More »

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