How to Apply Thermal Grease?

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How to Apply Thermal Grease to an i7 CPU?

After several years of the Core 2 Duo processor representing the flagship model of Intel's products, Intel introduced a new processor core in 2008 called the Core i7. If you are building a computer... Read More »

How do I apply thermal grease?

PreparationsRemove your processor and heatsink from your computer. Consult your computer’s instructions or the manufacturer’s website if you do not know how to do this, because different comput... Read More »

How do I apply thermal grease to an i7 CPU?

Locate Heatsink BaseLocate the elevated base of the heatsink that you are about to place over your i7 CPU. Some types of heatsinks will already come with three strips of thermal grease, so do not a... Read More »

How do I apply thermal grease to a VGA card?

Clean Video Card ChipsetClean the video card chipset of the VGA (Video Graphics Accelerator) card using cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol to remove any previous thermal grease stains. The video card... Read More »