How to Apply Talcum Powder?

Answer Talcum powder is made from a mineral called talc, which is purified for consumer use. Fragrance is usually added to commercial versions of the substance. Talcum powder, also called baby powder, is ... Read More »

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What do men use talcum powder for?

Talcum powder/baby powder is used primarily on the genitals to help with sweat and or chaffing. It is not gay to use talcum powder.

How to Use Talcum Powder?

Talcum powder is a versatile household product that is useful for more than treating diaper rash or relieving underarm sweat. Talc is manufactured from metamorphic minerals containing hydrated magn... Read More »

How to Make Talcum Powder?

Talcum powder is made from a mineral called "talc" that is ground to a fine consistency. Talcum powder is commonly used to care for rashes and chafing on children and adults, as well. The powder is... Read More »

How to Use Talcum Powder to Look Pale?

Thanks to the blockbuster "Twilight" franchise and television shows such as "True Blood," a vampire-like pallor is more popular than ever. Whether you're trying to achieve the dramatic look for a c... Read More »