How to Apply Stucco Over Wood?

Answer You might think you can only apply stucco finish over a stone surface, but that's not true. Even if you have a typical house with wood siding, it's pretty easy to add stucco finish with the right m... Read More »

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How do I apply stucco to concrete?

Prepare the WallLook over the wall, and fix any cracks and holes. If the surface of the wall is dirty or moldy, power wash it before you start. Use carpentry nails to install a 3/8-inch wooden lath... Read More »

How to Apply Stucco With a Hopper Gun?

A hopper gun will allow you to apply stucco to any wall quicker and more efficiently than any other method. Normally, when applying stucco, you would need to wipe the stucco onto the surface, and t... Read More »

How to Apply Stucco to a Wall?

Whether you need to patch a hole in existing stucco or you want to add stucco to your current exterior wall, stucco is an ideal material for outdoor surfaces, due to its water resistance and painta... Read More »

How do I apply exterior stucco?

Preparing the WallBrush a concrete bonding agent onto a brick, concrete or block wall and let it dry. For wooden walls, nail 15-pound roofing felt to the wall and then nail 17-gauge metal netting w... Read More »