How to Apply Single Stage Paint Over Clear Coat?

Answer Single stage paint is a type of automotive paint that only requires one step. The paint mixture does not require a clear coat painted on top of the base coat for protection, because the base and cl... Read More »

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How to Apply Base Coat & Clear Coat Paint?

A new base coat and clear coat can make your car look and feel like it is brand new. A base coat allows you to change the car's color, and a clear coat will protect it when you buff it. A professio... Read More »

How to Apply Single Stage Paint?

Single-stage paint application is still relatively common in body shops and, in particular, is still widely used on light and heavy commercial vehicles. While two-stage systems use a base color tha... Read More »

How to Apply a Clear Coat on the Paint?

A clear coat provides an extra layer of protection to extend the life of your paint job, and can add shine if you choose a high-gloss or semi-gloss polyurethane clear coat. Rather than applying a t... Read More »

How to Scuff Old Clear Coat to Apply New Clear Coat?

Reapplying new clear coat to a car or boat results in a shiny new finish that protects the paint beneath. Before you can apply the new coating, you must remove the shiny finish from the old surface... Read More »