How to Apply Resin to a Table?

Answer How to apply resin to a table.

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How do I apply epoxy resin?

Applying Epoxy ResinClean the item that requires glue of any dirt and debris. Close or fit the items together as tightly as possible. Remove the epoxy resin caps, and clip the tips of both sides wi... Read More »

How to Apply Brush-on Gel Resin?

Salon-quality nails can be expensive. To maintain good looking nails, you must go to the salon every few weeks to have them filled. Brush-on gel resin eliminates the hassle of getting your nails do... Read More »

How to Apply Fingernail Resin to Natural Nails?

A nail, if broken can often cause pain and result in further damage to the nail. Fingernail resin can be used to repair cracks or breaks in the nails. Though a break in the fingernail cannot be und... Read More »

Are fiberglass boats made out of expoxy resin or polyester resin?

Until recently, fiberglass boats were constructed and repaired with polyester resin. During the mid 1980s, epoxy resin came on to the scene and began to be used for construction and repairs more so... Read More »