How to Apply Rain-X on Acrylic?

Answer Rain-X is a window treatment that repels rain and is often used to treat glass windshields in automobiles. The product can also be used to treat acrylic such as wind screens in boats. Rain-X creat... Read More »

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How to Apply Rain-X?

Applying Rain-X to a windshield helps maintain visibility in wet conditions. Rain can form a liquid sheet on an untreated windshield, making it difficult to see. You have to use your windshield wip... Read More »

How to Apply Acrylic Nails?

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How to Apply Acrylic Toenails?

A manicure and pedicure are perfect spa treats, and many people top off the day with application of designed acrylic finger and toenails. The process is long and difficult, but if you are familiar ... Read More »

How to Apply Acrylic Nails Like a Pro?

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