How to Apply Rain-X?

Answer Applying Rain-X to a windshield helps maintain visibility in wet conditions. Rain can form a liquid sheet on an untreated windshield, making it difficult to see. You have to use your windshield wip... Read More »

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How to Apply Rain-X on Acrylic?

Rain-X is a window treatment that repels rain and is often used to treat glass windshields in automobiles. The product can also be used to treat acrylic such as wind screens in boats. Rain-X creat... Read More »

How to Apply Rain X Gelcoat?

Rain-X has several car cleaning and detailing products on the market. Although they do not have a product named "Rain X Gelcoat," they do have a gel product called "Rain-X Bug & Tar Pre-wash Gel." ... Read More »

How to Apply Rain-X Automobile Windshield Treatment?

Rain-X is a windshield treatment for your car that helps you see much better during rain, snow or sleet. Depending on the weather where you live, Rain-X can last as long as four months in one treat... Read More »

How to Apply Rain X Automobile Windshield Treatment?

When it rains, do your wipers leave streaks in just the wrong places on your windshield? Applying Rain-X properly to your windshield will almost certainly improve your ability to see through your w... Read More »