How to Apply Polyurethane to Concrete Floors?

Answer Concrete floors are becoming more common in home construction and public buildings alike. To preserve the look of your concrete, especially if it stamped, etched or stained, you will need to apply ... Read More »

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Can you apply polyurethane to pergo floors?

No! Polyurethane needs a porous surface and because pergo is not, you would only ruin the floor.

How do I apply polyurethane stain to an existing concrete floor?

CleanSweep or vacuum your concrete floor to remove any dirt or debris. Remove all of the dirt from the floor since anything left behind is permanently sealed onto the floor. Mix 1 tsp. of dish dete... Read More »

How to Polyurethane Wood Floors?

A coat of polyurethane can make a dull wood floor look new and shiny. You don't even need to sand the floor first. Just clean and apply the polyurethane. Resist the temptation to use a paintbrush o... Read More »

How To Get Hardwood Floors To Take Polyurethane Stain?

Most wood floors are coated with a varnish glaze that protects them from abrasion and water damage. Unfortunately, this protective quality also works to reject polyurethane stain. If you want to re... Read More »