How to Apply Photoshoot Make-up?

Answer Many aspiring models will be burdened with the task of executing their own photoshoots when first assembling a portfolio. A big way you can cut expenses is by cutting out the make-up artist and hav... Read More »

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How to Have an Artsy Photoshoot?

Do you want to have an artsy photoshoot? Read this for ideas and more!

How to Win a Gosupermodel Photoshoot?

Play goSupermodel? Want to get lots of goMoney, but without getting into the hassle of buying it? Don't worry, now you can become a master of the Photoshoot game- and win every time.

How to Have a Great Photoshoot?

When you want to apply to a modeling agency as a model, you will need to send them recent photoshots. You can have a friend take them for you and save money, and send them along with you when you m... Read More »

What should my friend and I wear to a photoshoot?

For the shorts and tank outfit, how about the same things in different colors? For the dressy outfit, don't match too much with colors or anything- just maybe match sort of the style of dress. Like... Read More »