How to Apply Paver Sealer?

Answer Once your new paving stones are installed, applying paver sealer is the next logical step. Inevitably, the stones will come into contact with grease, oil, dirt and other grime. Sealing them in adva... Read More »

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When should you apply sealer to VCT?

When the VCT is old and worn. When there is possibility of staining.When there is high traffic.When you want the floor to really shine after applying floor finish over 2 coats of sealer.

How to Apply Primer Sealer to a Car?

The best paint job for a vehicle is only as good as the preparation efforts that the painter took before shooting the color onto the vehicle. Beside quality body work and panel fitment, the primer ... Read More »

How to Apply Grout Sealer?

Grout sealers help prevent staining and protect against water damage. These products are advised for natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tile grout that are in bathrooms and kitchens. This article... Read More »

How do I apply driveway sealer?

Mix the driveway sealer by following the manufacturer's instructions, and prepare the driveway by sweeping away any dirt and debris.Pour the sealant across the width of the driveway in a snakelike ... Read More »