How to Apply Makeup to Cover Your Double Chin?

Answer Many people carry excess weight under the jawline, commonly know as a double chin. The good news is that a few easy makeup tricks can help you camouflage this problem, making it less noticeable. Ad... Read More »

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How to Conceal a Double Chin With Makeup?

We all have flaws, even popular movie stars have flaws. But they are fortunate enough to have professional makeup artists to help them out, but the rest of us are on our own. Luckily you can learn ... Read More »

How to Use Makeup Tricks for Disguising a Double Chin?

Makeup tricks abound for reshaping various facial features. This type of makeup technique is called "contouring". Applying contouring makeup is as simple as using darker makeup shades to cause cert... Read More »

Makeup Tricks for Disguising a Double Chin?

A double chin is an extra layer of fat or loose skin beneath the chin. Although overweight or elderly people are most likely to have double chins, genetics can also cause them. You don't have to go... Read More »

How to Apply Makeup to Cover a Sore?

Learning to hide a sore with makeup depends on the type of sore you have. It could be a herpes simplex such as a cold sore, acne lesions or redness from a rash. Just as there are different types of... Read More »