How to Apply Makeup on Monolid Eyes?

Answer If your eyes appear to have no crease, you may be at a loss as to how to make them pop and stand out. The point generally, when enhancing monolid eyes, is to make them seem bigger, more wide open a... Read More »

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How to Create a Smoky Look on Monolid Eyes?

Feeling a little left out because your girlfriend with the big doe eyes wears smoky eye makeup and you think you can't? Think again. Just because you have eyes with a monolid doesn't mean the smoky... Read More »

Why do I only have one monolid and one double lid Is there any way to even them out (w/o makeup or surgery)?

Ah!! I have that too! Though sometimes I have a crease and sometimes I don't. Usually I can just rub the eyelid without a crease and the crease will appear. Sometimes it doesn't because I have had ... Read More »

How to Apply Eye Makeup for Big Eyes?

Big, beautiful eyes are amazingly easy to attain. A few strokes of the makeup brush, a touch of eyeliner and a little mascara can give you eyes that you, and everyone else, won't be able to stop ad... Read More »

How to apply the makeup for Smoky Eyes?

Prepare the eye area with concealer and moisturizer. 2. Apply loose powder under the eye. This will help control the makeup that will fall during application. The loose powder can be brushed away a... Read More »