How to Apply Make up Like Bella Swan from the Twilight Books and Films?

Answer Bella Swan has a very natural look. She doesn't wear much makeup. But, sadly, most people aren't okay with any makeup. With these steps, you can find your own bad guy.

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How to Look Like Bella Swan from Twilight?

Isabella Swan is one of the main characters in the book Twilight series. She is admired by boys for her looks and actions.

How to Re-Create the Look of Bella Swan From "Twilight"?

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How to get bella swan's hairstyle and clothes from twilight?

Dressing like Bella won't help you find your Edward. In a perfect world, dressing plainly, being clumsy, and never wearing make-up will get you the guy of your dreams. Also, Bella would never want ... Read More »

What is Bella's last name in the"Twilight"books?

The New York Times best-seller "Twilight" tells the love story of human high-schooler Isabella Swan and vampire Edward Cullen. It is the first book in a four-book series by Stephenie Meyer and wa... Read More »