How to Apply Make Up the Correct Way?

Answer While there are numerous makeup styles, you can use the same basic application method to create an everyday face or for bolder shades, should you choose to wear them. Outlined here are techniques t... Read More »

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The Correct Way to Apply Fragrance?

Fragrance, or perfume, is derivative of the Latin word "parfumare," which means "through smoke." Fragrances have been used for centuries. When the fragrance is used by women, it's typically referre... Read More »

How to Apply Eyeliner the Correct Way?

There are several different kinds of eye makeup, including eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner. Eye makeup comes in a wide variety of colors and types and is available at most grocery, drug, beauty su... Read More »

The Correct Way to Apply Eye Makeup?

The purpose of eye makeup is to bring focus to your eyes. In fact, using a few simple techniques, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara can dramatically affect the shape of your eyes. Whether you have r... Read More »

What is the correct way to apply Teflon tape to a threaded piece of steel pipe?

Answer First, make sure the pipe threads are clean and in good condition. Hold the end of the tape flat against the pipe threads, flush with the end of the pipe, then turn the pipe clockwise, or a... Read More »