How to Apply Liquid Make Up Evenly?

Answer Whether you are heading to the office for the day or planning a night out on the town, applying your liquid foundation evenly will allow you to look your best regardless of the lighting in any loca... Read More »

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How to Apply Liquid Foundation Evenly?

The proper application of liquid foundation is essential if you want to achieve a natural, no-makeup look. Uneven application can lead to telltale streaks or a visible line along your chin. For fla... Read More »

How to Apply Self Tanner Evenly?

Recent studies show how bad indoor tanning is for your skin and even your health. Tanning bed bulbs can add years to faces and bodies and even cause one of the deadliest types of skin cancer, melan... Read More »

How to Apply Hair Gel Evenly?

Using hair gel is a great way to keep your hairstyle in place throughout the day. But if you apply your hair gel unevenly, some of your hair may be sticky while other parts of your hairstyle wilt o... Read More »

How to Apply Sunless Tanner Evenly?

In self-tanning products, the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, darkens the top layer of your skin as it's absorbed. This helps you get the appearance of a tan without having to expose yo... Read More »