How to Apply Frontline?

Answer Fleas and ticks plague pets and their owners every summer and, in some places, all year-round. They carry diseases and make life uncomfortable for dogs and cats. An infestation in the home can also... Read More »

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How often can I apply Frontline?

On One Hand: Apply When NeededA pet owner may wait until a flea or tick outbreak is visible to apply Frontline. The product is placed between a pet's shoulder blades and works its way through oil d... Read More »

Can you apply Frontline more often than once per month?

Merial, the manufacturer of FRONTLINE, does not recommend applying it to pets more often than once per month. It should not be necessary: The flea and tick treatment is designed to be effective for... Read More »

Should I Use Frontline Plus or Frontline Topspot for My Dog?

Dyscalculia is a condition that causes someone to have difficulty completing certain kinds of math problems, and may be attributed to inherent brain abnormalities. Approximately six percent of chil... Read More »

Can my cat use Frontline for dogs?

No, you should not use Frontline for dogs on cats. Frontline for dogs isn't the same as Frontline for cats and may either be less effective or may give the wrong dosages to your cat.Source:Frontlin... Read More »