How to Apply Female Vampire Eye Make Up?

Answer Vampire books, movies and TV shows are as popular as ever, and makeup looks from such media have also become part of popular culture. Smoky, smudged eyes combined with very pale skin and blood-red ... Read More »

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How to Do Your Makeup Like a Female Vampire?

The modern image of a female vampire is a sexy, sophisticated creature, with fashionable clothes and immaculate makeup. Films such as "Underworld," with Kate Beckinsdale, show the modern vampire wo... Read More »

What was the children's programme that had a scientist or something like that in it something about a castle and i remember two female vampire things i think?

The comedy-horror genre was a short-lived one on Kidvid and the censors objectedYou may be thinking of Frankenstein Jr and the Impossibles-Frankenstein Junior was an oversized robot. I seem to reca... Read More »

How to Apply the Teeth From a Vampire Kit?

If you want to dress up as a scary vampire for Halloween, you can go to the store and get a pair of toy fangs, or you can get the ones that look more natural. Vampire fang kits make it easy for you... Read More »

How to Apply Vampire Makeup?

Vampire makeup can be applied to create a scary look or a trendy Goth look. The basic look of a vampire should be pale, dramatic, and intense. A vampire will not have healthy skin tone in their fac... Read More »