How to Apply Fabric Stiffener?

Answer Fabric stiffener is a type of glue that soaks into material to make it hold a shape. Use fabric stiffener to create crocheted snowflakes with crisp points at Christmas or a band of white-sheet ghos... Read More »

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How do I apply fabric wallpaper?

Clean the WallsScrub the walls with warm soapy water, and rinse away any soapy residue. Allow the walls to dry before applying fabric wallpaper. Measure the walls from floor to ceiling, taking int... Read More »

How to Apply a Cut Out Fabric Patch to Jeans?

Have a large hole in your jeans? Here's a quick technique for applying a cut-out fabric patch.

How do I apply fabric to a window shade?

PreparationPurchase a roller shade that will fit your window. Cut the fabric to the width of the shade, plus 1/2 inch. Measure the length of window, and cut the fabric to the length plus 1/2 inch. ... Read More »

How do I apply fabric to a vinyl roller shade?

Unroll the vinyl shade. Mark the direction in which the shade goes over the roller. Measure the shade, then cut the fabric 2 inches larger on each side and at the bottom.Use a ruled cutting mat to ... Read More »