How to Apply Fabric Motifs Using a Sewing Machine?

Answer Applying fabric motifs using a sewing machine is a great way to cut down on the time and effort usually involved in sewing by hand, as well as ensuring an even and neat finish to the work. This art... Read More »

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What size sewing machine needle is used to sew on quilted fabric?

To sew on quilted fabric, use a needle between size 75/11 and size 90/14. A 75/11 needle will work best for a lightweight quilt while a 90/14 will work best for a dense, heavy quilt.References:Sewi... Read More »

How to Convert a Cabinet Sewing Machine to a Portable Sewing Machine?

Some sewing machines are not built to sit directly on a work surface. If you want to remove a sewing machine from your cabinet, the machine must be made portable. This is easy to do by purchasing a... Read More »

Help! Inside my brothers XL-2600 sewing machine, the thread will clump up inside of the sewing machine.?

Bet you forgot to thread the top of the machine with the presser foot up (which opens the tension disks and lets the thread in so it's properly tensioned when you put the foot down to sew), and you... Read More »

What sewing needle should I use on the sewing machine with 100 percent polyester?

When sewing 100 percent woven polyester fabric, use a universal-type needle in a size appropriate for the weight of your fabric. When sewing on a 100 percent polyester knit fabric, use a ballpoint... Read More »