How to Apply Eyeshadow to Small Eyes?

Answer Your eyes speak for you without saying a word. If your eyes are small, there are several makeup techniques to give the illusion of larger eyes. Using the right combination of eye shadow color, eyel... Read More »

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How to Apply Eyeshadow for Wide-Set Eyes?

Makeup can be used camouflage and correct all sorts of facial imperfections. In a perfect world, there would be no single standard of beauty, but many women are still too self-conscious to feel bea... Read More »

How to Apply Eyeshadow for Green Eyes?

If you are uncertain as to what eyeshadow colors best flatter your green eyes, you don't have to guess. Whether you were born with green eyes or you transform your eyes into an emerald green with c... Read More »

How to Apply Eyeshadow to Almond Eyes?

Almond eyes, which are primarily Asian, are shaped differently from Caucasian or African-American eyes. Eyeshadow must be applied according to eye shape and contours. The Asian, almond-shaped eye p... Read More »

How to Apply Eyeshadow to Blue Eyes?

When doing eye makeup, the main goal is to make your eyes pop, whatever the color. While applying eye shadow to blue eyes, you should not put on eye shadow that conceals the beautiful blue color of... Read More »