How to Apply Eyeliner to Sensitive Eyes?

Answer Teary, itchy, hurting eyes and black/brown liner smudged down your face and poking yourself in the eyes is terrible whether you're trying to see the chalkboard from the back of math class, or stuck... Read More »

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How to Apply Eyeliner to Look Like Cat Eyes?

Since the days of Cleopatra in ancient Egypt, cat eyes have never gone out of style. Cat eyes are created by lining the eyes and finishing with a "wing" at the end that extends past the lids. Cat e... Read More »

How to Apply Powdered Eyeliner Under the Eyes?

Powdered eyeliner is applied under the eyes often to create a more subtle and natural effect than the usual pencil. You can use one of your eyeshadow colors as an eyeliner this way if you have a pr... Read More »

How to Apply Eyeliner on Small Eyes?

Eyeliner is used to define your eyes and make them stand out. People with large eyes usually have no problem applying it. No matter how heavily or lightly they put on the eyeliner, it always define... Read More »

How to Apply Eyeliner to Round Eyes?

Using eyeliner (or any makeup for that matter) is all about creating an illusion. Just as an artist uses light and shadow to enhance or subdue elements on a landscape, you can do the same with eye ... Read More »