How to Apply Eyeliner to Make Eyes Appear Bigger?

Answer Eyes are one of the most attractive features of the face. They are what you see with, and if dressed with makeup correctly, your eyes can also be something you silently speak with. By applying eyel... Read More »

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How to Use Eyeliner to Make the Eyes Appear Bigger?

Eyes truly are the "windows of the soul", and while they don't have to be a certain size or shape to be beautiful, large eyes have long been a sought after feature for women all over the world. If ... Read More »

How to Make Eyes Appear Larger with Eyeliner?

The “eyes are the mirror of the soul” or so some wise poet once said. But for women, especially, the eyes are of great importance. Particularly when attempting to make them up, and especially i... Read More »

How to Make Brown Eyes Appear Bigger?

There are makeup tricks you can use to make your eyes look bigger. This article will focus on some tips for those of you with brown eyes.

How to Apply Eye Makeup to Make Eyes Look Bigger?

If you open your eyes to a whole new world of possible colors, your peepers may start attracting more attention. For those who aren't born with naturally large eyes, including many celebrities, the... Read More »