How to Apply Eyeliner to Lower Lashes?

Answer Want to learn how to apply eyeliner to your bottom lashes without poking your eye? This skill is very important when applying makeup.

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How to Apply Eyeliner to Upper Lashes?

Eye liner is like a magic wand that will give your eyes definition and character, especially when it's applied to the top lashes. Liner comes in many colors and is available in liquid, gel and cray... Read More »

How to Apply Lower Eyeliner?

Eyeliner underneath your eyes adds punch and really makes your eyes stand out. It can also take a day makeup look to night instantaneously, depending on the color and the heaviness of how you apply... Read More »

How to Apply Semipermanent Eyeliner on the Lower Lid?

Semipermanent eyeliner is a type of eye makeup that is intended for long-term wear. Most semipermanent products boast a 24-hour wear length before the makeup begins to smudge, run or wash off. Unli... Read More »

How Do I Apply Semi-Permanent Eyeliner on the Lower Lid?

Semi-permanent makeup is the middle ground between standard and permanent varieties. This makeup combines the powerful coloring ink of permanent makeup with the ease of application and lower cost o... Read More »