How to Apply Eyeliner So That it Doesn't Smudge?

Answer Eyeliner is an effective and simple way to enhance a makeup look. Precisely lined eyes that bear no trace of smudging exude a sense of sophistication and skill. Applying eyeliner that won't smudge ... Read More »

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Best reasonably priced eyeliner brand for winged eyeliner that doesn't smudge?

liquid liner or gel liner is best for winged liner. it all depends on your preference. i prefer liquid. i have changed my brand several times.the first one i use was almay, the tip is really easy t... Read More »

Smudge proof eyeliner !?

Look for anything waterproof that will help it stay even if you arent in water. I love mabilene's eyeline (master drama) it is a no-sharpen, roll up pencil and I love that too. To help minimize sme... Read More »

Can you recommend a brand of eyeliner that won't smudge?

How to Smudge Eyeliner for Metallic Makeup?

Smudging eyeliner before applying metallic makeup helps to give eyes a sophisticated, smoky look. Practice smudging your eyeliner before the big night so you can perfect the technique and not have ... Read More »