How to Apply Eye Shadow to Brown Eyes?

Answer In addition to being the most common eye color in the world, brown eyes are also the most versatile. People with brown eyes can wear any shade of eyeshadow they like and still look beautiful while ... Read More »

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Eye Shadow Tips for Brown Eyes?

Like brown shades of hair color, brown eyes vary widely from warm golden brown to cool chocolate brown to almost black shades, nearly indistinguishable from the black of the pupil. When choosing an... Read More »

How to Apply Brown Eye Shadow?

If you think that brown eyeshadow is useful mostly as a crease color, but not as much else, you may be accustomed to wearing eye makeup in colors bolder than brown. While brown's earthy quality mak... Read More »

How to Apply Shadow to Deep Set Eyes?

You can apply eye shadow to emphasize the natural beauty of deep set eyes. Just follow these steps. Does this Spark an idea?

How to Apply Eye Shadow on Green Eyes?

If you have green eyes but have never learned how to enhance them with makeup, you will be surprised at what the right eyeshadow color can do to make them even more striking. You don't need the adv... Read More »