How to Apply Compost to a Garden?

Answer Compost is made up of organic matter such as decomposed food scraps and manure. When added to your garden, it provides nutrients, aids in drainage, and binds toxic chemicals. It also makes the soil... Read More »

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Is dog **** good for compost for my garden?

How to Prepare Garden Compost?

Compost is created when organic matter decomposes. Organic matter eventually reaches a point where it can no longer decompose; it is at that point that it becomes an extremely nutritious and long-l... Read More »

What do you put in a garden compost?

To home gardeners, the dark, loamy soil from a backyard compost pile is black gold. Added to vegetable or flower gardens, organic compost improves soil conditions by adding valuable nutrients, brea... Read More »

Can you use eggshells for compost in a garden?

Yes, because eggshells (crashed) are good for acid soils and contain calcium.