How to Apply Bruner's Ideas in a Classroom?

Answer Dr. Jerome Bruner, born in 1915, is an American psychologist whose work has become especially influential in the field of education. "The Process of Education," published in 1960, outlined a theore... Read More »

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How to Apply Thomas Gordon Model of Classroom Management to the Classroom?

The Thomas Gordon Model of classroom management focuses on teaching a child to obey through character training rather than through rewards and punishments. The Gordon model asks you to give up your... Read More »

How to Apply Constructivism in the Classroom?

Constructivist learning is the idea that students acquire knowledge through interaction with a topic and not through a more traditional read-and-recite method of learning. Adapted for the classroom... Read More »

How to Apply Kohlberg's Theory in the Classroom?

Lawrence Kohlberg's theory on moral development can be applied to the classroom where rules, standards, and consequences are concerned. The theory tracks an individual's level of moral reasoning by... Read More »

How to Apply Effective Questioning in a Classroom?

Strategies for questioning students in the classroom take months, if not years, to develop. Teachers acquire many skills over time as they try different components of their craft and experiment wi... Read More »